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Chris Leavitt - Educator of the year

posted Mar 2, 2015, 10:12 AM by Timothy Welch   [ updated Apr 11, 2015, 9:45 AM ]
Larry Glaze, Chris Leavitt, Kristen Dollarhide

The 81st annual Union County Chamber of Commerce Awards Banquet was the social event of the year. Hundreds of people attended the event with beautifully decorated tables, excellent food and plenty of social networking. 

La Grande High School/Middle School Band Teacher, Chris Leavitt was named Educator of the Year. His award was presented by Superintendent Glaze along with a special delegation of parents and band students who also participated in the award presentation. 

Sandy Hattan, one of Mr. Leavitt’s students had the following comment’s: “I’ve been a student of Mr. Leavitt’s for four years now. Mr. Leavitt is a fantastic person and a phenomenal educator. Throughout all his years of teaching, Mr. Leavitt has maintained a high level of energy and has continued to present new innovative ideas that benefit both his students and his program. The one thing I really love about Mr. Leavitt is the way he faces every situation with a high level of vivacity and determination. He never fails to spend countless hours of his time helping students to benefit the group. This man has committed his life to a program that enhances the minds of students and fosters creativity both in and out of the music world. Mr. Leavitt has helped me reach a higher level of self discipline and has helped me become a better leader. Thank you Mr. Leavitt for being a wonderful teacher and friend!” 

Lauren March, another one of Mr. Leavitt’s students said, “Mr. Leavitt has been my teacher for four years and student taught for my seventh grade class. Since the beginning I was always impressed with his love for music and learning. He is the type of person who lights up a room and brings energy when there is none. He spends hours upon hours of his own time so that we, the students, can succeed. Mr. Leavitt has created a program that not only makes talented musicians, but wonderful people. I know he has greatly shaped who I am today and I feel very fortunate that I have had the opportunity to spend so many years with him. Mr. Leavitt has shown me the importance of listening, caring , contributing, being a strong leader and so many others. He will always be one of my greatest role models.” 

At the banquet, Superintendent Glaze read testimonials from several parents and teachers, all extolling Mr. Leavitt’s excellence as a music teacher and caring individual. La Grande School District, staff, students, parents and administration are proud of our Educator of the Year, Chris Leavitt.