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AV Auditorium

If you are going to plan on using the AV Auditorium, please contact Char Hampton at 541-663-3214 to check availablity, check online. (Click Here Put in AV in Description and filter)

Directions for using the AV Auditorium.

  1. Turn on the main power located on the left door panel at the bottom of the podium.
  2. Aim the Epson remote at the screen and press the red power button to turn on the projector.
  3. Turn on the document camera using the power button on the unit or the power button on the Samsung remote.
  4. To switch between the document camera and the computer, press the computer button on the epson remote. Computer 1 is the document camera. Pressing computer again will switch to Computer 2, the Dell Latitude.
  5. If you wish to use the DVD player, open the right door in the bottom front of the podium and turn on the player with the power button located right under the JVC name on the unit. You can of course alternatively play a DVD directly on  the computer.
  6. To project the DVD player, press the Video button on the Epson remote. This switches you to the DVD player.
  7. Sound should be set for all devices. The Master Power rocker switch must be on for sound. You can switch the sound cord from the Dell Latitude and plug it into your iPhone, iPod, or other mp3 player to play music.

Video Based Instructions

Slide Rocket Presentation